We Need Your Help

Become an Alliance.

We seek to establish alliances with counselors, therapists, and ministers that are driven to help grieving families, parents, and children, as they struggle to understand and accept the loss of a child or a loved one. These alliances will share our mission in providing the needed support for those families and individuals to take those steps forward in the healing process.

How You Can Help

Be there. Be present.

Cole’s Camp hosts events that are intentional in bringing grieving families together. We seek alliances that will attend an event, up to four in one year, and provide guidance, speak to families, or simply be present to listen and build that trust between you and a family in need. We look to the expertise of our alliances to help guide these families to a healing process while they are in a safe surrounding at a Cole’s Camp event.

Short Term Goal:

Currently, in exchange for services, we will include our alliances in our marketing material, and list them as a resource on our website and social media. In addition, we anticipate these families will find a connection with one of our alliances. Someone they feel comfortable with, having connected in person at a Cole’s Camp event, and they will seek additional services with this alliance as they walk the path of grief.

Long Term Goal:

We anticipate this partnership role to evolve as Cole’s Camp grows and reaches more families or individuals in need.

Please contact us to discuss our long term goal and vision of this partnership.


To become a Cole’s Camp alliance, please submit your information below.

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